Starting a blog.

As I moved from the famous “accidental” DBA role into being an actual DBA, it was quite a learning experience from the start and it is continuing to be so even this day. When I started my career, back in 1998, there were very few resouces other than actual books, about SQL Servers. Fortunately these days information is easier to find as there are numerous blogs, discussion boards, etc with exceptionally skilled SQL Server experts helping people out with their SQL Server issues.

However many of these sources have questions and answers that really go into deep technical details, which is great if that is what you’re looking for. There does seem to be a smaller number of blogs that are dedicated to people who are just starting out their DBA careers, and this is the audience I’m looking to share my own experiences with.

And with that, I’ll finish my first post.

Welcome to the SQLStarters blog!

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