Attending PASS Summit 2013

I’ll hit the road and air (can you actually hit the air?) in a couple of days to start my journey towards Charlotte, North Carolina to attend the PASS Summit 2013. This will be my first time in the PASS main event of the year and I am quite excited that I got the company approval to go. I’ve previously attended one of the SQL Rally Nordic events, which was at Copenhagen last year, that was also a great experience and also one of the main reasons our company is now sending a group of five people to Charlotte.

The one thing I’m not really all that excited about is the actual travelling though, with the total travel time being somewhere around 20 hours, I’m expecting to be somewhat worn out once I get to my hotel. With that much travelling, I’m taking the Monday off to recover and to adjust to time difference. My Summit experience starts from Tuesday, when I’ll be off to listen to clustering-guru Allan Hirt in one of the pre-conference sessions.

I’ve also build my schedule for coming days using the schedule builder available in here. This was actually more difficult than I thought, not because the builder would be difficult to use, but because there were so many interesting sessions to choose from. It’s too bad there’s this crazy thing called “reality” which prevents me from being in two places at the same time. Damn you, limitations of the real world!

If this is your first time attending PASS Summit, like me, I urge you to check the helpful First Timers and Community Blogs sections from the Summit web-site. Also don’t forget to follow @sqlpass on Twitter and hashtags #sqlpass and #summit13

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