First day in Charlotte

First day in Charlotte started earlier than we had planned due the time difference. We also had some misfortune with us, as two from our group we delayed due mechanical failure on the plane that was supposed to bring them to Helsinki. We had no pre-con sessions for today so we had time to get to know the area around the Convention Center and the Uptown area. We did drop by the Convention Center to do our registration and to get our kit 🙂

Entrance to Convention Center

Summit Entrance

PASS bag

PASS kit

The Convention Center was fairly large and there was even Starbucks inside. After grabbing a cup of Latte, we took off to the city. I have to admit that it’s easy to like Charlotte, it’s not too huge or crowded like larger cities tend to be. For a guy coming from Finland, it’s sort of relief. We’ll be hitting the sack early tonight to be prepared for tomorrows Clustering pre-con session.

Author: Mika Sutinen

Hi, My name is Mika Sutinen and I'm a Cloud DBA Team Lead at the company called Nordcloud. I've been working in IT-industry for two decades, and I've spend most of my career working with healthcare information systems. I've worked with SQL Server for most of my career, starting with version 6.5 a long, long time ago. My other interests are high availability, everything related to performance (testing, monitoring, etc), Windows operating systems and I'm currently learning more about Azure.

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