The fifth and final day in Charlotte

And so it is that PASS Summit 2013 has come to an end. And I have to say that for a first timer like me, it was truly an eye-opener to what SQL Server Community is all about. The quality of the sessions and the deep knowledge of SQL Server internals, virtualization and dozens of other subjects the speakers possessed was just astounding, but also expected.

As for the sessions I had planned for today there was troubleshooting performance issues, understanding more about index fragmentation and the internals around it, parallelism and about optimizing virtualized environments for the SQL Server.

I have personally attended several weeks worth of training sessions held by Microsoft and accredited partners, but the amount of knowledge gained in any single one of these individual courses is nowhere near what I got out from the Summit. And the cost for attending was really no greater than what it would have cost to take a decent course back in Finland.

With my head filled with new thoughts and ideas on how to improve the quality of my own work, and perhaps that of the products I work with, I’m preparing to head back home tomorrow morning. And while the travelling was and is a bit of a pain, it was totally worth it. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend to Summit 2014 that is held in Seattle.

Thank you PASS!

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