Some statistics after first year of blogging

I just realized that it’s been a year since I started this blog. Here are some quick statistics about where are my readers from and what they are interested about.

The viewers

Most of my viewers are from USA (49%) and Finland (34%). There are also some Koreans, Turkey UK and Australian viewers, couple from Russia and even single someone from Peru.

This wasn’t really an unexpected result as USA has very, very active and large SQL Server community. I also have more than a few co-workers and other interested people from Finland following me in LinkedIn and Twitter, so they get notified when I post something new.

What they’ve viewed

The articles that have gotten most views are about IPSEC and how to secure SQL Server network traffic. Considering the world after Snowden, I don’t find this particularly surprising. There are two other articles outside security that are in the Top 3. TCP Chimney offload one and one about PerfMon.

Future plans

I’m going to go on blogging, that’s for sure. I’ve got bunch of articles on my backlog just waiting for me to sit down and start typing. The next one will be a non-technical one, about mentoring. After that I’ll look at some PerfMon related stuff again (such as Relog and LogMan).

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