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Just a quick tip this time, but one that can save you lot of time and manual work.

One of the information sources that all administrators, both Windows and SQL Server alike, should follow is the Microsoft Knowledge Base. However as there are new articles coming in daily, going to Knowledge Base and manually searching for them isn’t really a viable option. Even less so if you’re responsible for administering multiple versions of Microsoft software.

There’s however an easier way to stay informed about new KB articles as they’re released, Microsofts own RSS feeds. I was bit surprised that very few people seemed to know about this, even though Microsoft has offered these feeds for almost a decade now! So rather than going to Microsoft Support site you can get the information straight to your favorite RSS reader (updated every 24 hours). It’s also very simple to set up, just follow this link and find the product you’re interested in. Copy and paste the URL to your RSS reader and you’re done!

Personal preference: Outlook actually does the job rather well. If you’re already using Outlook you don’t need extra applications running on your machine, all the RSS articles go their own folders and won’t mess up your mailbox and it’s easily searchable.

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