Attending PASS Summit 2015


It has been awhile since my last post, not that I’ve run out of ideas or stopped blogging (in fact I got a bunch of drafts waiting to be finished) but I’ve had trouble finding time and energy to write outside working hours as of late. Part of the reason is that I’ve done plenty of writing at the office, turning our standard procedures and such into actual documents, so writing some more at home hasn’t felt all that tempting.

So last week I decided to get back to writing for “fun” and just when I was trying to make up my mind about which draft to continue working on, I realized that it’s almost time for PASS Summit 2015! So this week will be filled with travel preparations, choosing which sessions to go to (not a small feat considering the amount of superb content available). I’ve also done some research on best way to take notes and this year I’ll be trying the Cornell Notes system, that I’ve previously found good choice for taking courses at the university.

Same as previous two years, there’s a group of 5 from our company attending. We’re also going for the week, with two days of pre-cons to get the Summit properly started. I’ll probably write a short summary of each day, similar to what I’ve done in previous years, so expect a number of new posts during next week 🙂

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