Few thoughts from the Data Driven SQL event

Just finished watching the Data Driven event that was broadcasted live from New York earlier today. As expected there was a lot of information about SQL Server 2016 and quite a few visitors telling how their companies used Microsoft SQL Server in their daily business. And these were some big businesses, having impressive amounts of data and transactions to handle. With SQL Server 2016 Microsoft is giving us a feature packed and complete data platform to work with.

One of the more interesting things was the introduction to Worldwide Telescope, a virtual telescope that allows anyone interested to study the universe we live in. The multi-terabyte database that combines all the data and images collected by the observatories in space and ground is run on SQL Server. I was also surprised to learn that Jim Gray was one of the people behind the project.

Besides that there were also some interesting facts on how they use SQL Server and data platform on Formula 1 to make the development of new cars quicker, the amount of telemetry received from one of those cars was pretty impressive and it all gets analyzed on the pit as it comes in.

Few more delicious details included the ability to run SQL Server on Linux, they actually used that in one of the demos. At the end of the event they also dropped what could be considered quite a bomb. Anyone migrating from Oracle to SQL Server can get free licenses if they have or get software assurance. Read more about this offer here.

You can watch the whole event from behind this link, the actual event goes on about 2 hours (the recording is longer, just skip to 1:53 or so to get to the actual event) but it’s well worth spending the time.

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