SQL Server tool improvements

While there’s plenty of new and exciting features coming with SQL Server 2016, Microsoft has also worked hard on improving the delivery of their SQL Server tools. Previously figuring out the correct tools or what version to install could be more than little confusing, but no more!

From Visual Studio 2015 and onwards you have one installer to download to install the SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). There’s no need to download and install BIDS or any other packages for different purposes anymore. If you need to work with Integration Services, Reporting Services, etc. everything you need is included in that single SSDT installer. Besides easy to install SSDT is also updated frequently and is very Azure friendly.

The other tool that is probably very familiar to many of you is the Management Studio. It has been a separate download for a while and now it also has easy to use one-click installer. You can also download an installer that doesn’t require Internet access during the installation.

You can find the download links to both Management Studio and SQL Server Data Tools from here.

Author: Mika Sutinen

Hi, My name is Mika Sutinen and I'm a Lead Database Administrator and a Data Platform Product Owner for a company called Tieto. I've been working in IT-industry for two decades, and I've spend most of my career working with healthcare information systems. I've worked with SQL Server for most of my career, starting with version 6.5 a long, long time ago. My other interests are high availability, everything related to performance (testing, monitoring, etc), Windows operating systems and I'm currently learning more about Azure.

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