Undeprecated SQL Server features

The Feature Reaper!
The Feature Reaper!

As we all know there are many features in SQL Server that have been deprecated over the time by Microsoft for one reason or another. In fact, there is a long list of features that are deprecated in the latest SQL Server 2017 release.

It is far less often that any of these features make a comeback, however that can apparently happen, as I just witnessed last week.

I have been working on project where one consideration had to do with applications using OleDB, something that was added to deprecated feature list back in 2012. Last week I learned that Microsoft just recently announced that they are undeprecating OleDB. A new version should become available during the Q1 of 2018 and it will support connectivity to versions 2012 through 2017, as well as Azure SQL Database and Azure Data Warehouse.

I thought about it a good while and still cannot remember any other feature that would have made it back to the land of living from the deprecated feature list. Do you know any?

Author: Mika Sutinen

Hi, My name is Mika Sutinen and I'm a Lead Database Administrator and a Data Platform Product Owner for a company called Tieto. I've been working in IT-industry for two decades, and I've spend most of my career working with healthcare information systems. I've worked with SQL Server for most of my career, starting with version 6.5 a long, long time ago. My other interests are high availability, everything related to performance (testing, monitoring, etc), Windows operating systems and I'm currently learning more about Azure.

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