Summing up the PASS Summit 2016

20161031_131132.jpgThis year I didn’t write my usual daily blog posts during the PASS Summit 2016 as I felt it to be bit too much work with the long days and bit of a jet lag with the 10 hour time difference. Instead I decided to write a post summarizing my experience of the event. Every year, when deciding on what pre-con sessions to take and what regular sessions to attend to I try to think of a theme. This year I decided to go with Big Data and Analytics, as that’s an area of Microsoft Data Platform I’m not terribly familiar with. It was also a good choice because with SQL Server 2016 we’re seeing a huge number of improvements on technologies involved with these topics and there were quite a few sessions regarding these.

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PASS Summit 2015: Conference Day 3

This post comes a bit late as our last day in Seattle went on bit longer than expected, but for very positive reasons. We had an ad hoc gathering of Finnish PASS Summit attendees and despite the fact that it was very last minute setup, we got pretty much everyone there. The evening itself was hosted by Marko Hotti, one of the Senior Product Managers at Microsoft who moved to Seattle a while back and is now working on the SQL Server 2016 release. And while there was some (or a lot) talk about SQL Server and the PASS community, we did also get to relax bit after a long week.

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PASS Summit 2015: Conference day 2

Today started with a keynote held together by boths David DeWitt and Rimma Nehme from the Microsoft Jim Gray Labs they’re both excellent speakers and fun to listen to. The topic of the keynote is the Internet of Things (IoT). While I was aware that the number of systems that are connected to Internet was high, I wasn’t aware that it had also surpassed the number of people living on Earth back in 2008. And the estimated number for devices for year 2020 was something along the lines of 50 billion! That is a lot of devices.

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PASS Summit 2015: Conference day 1

The first day of the actual conference was exciting. The Day 1 Keynote by Joseph Siroshi (Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Data Group) was something that I found especially interesting as the examples of data strategy were derived from the healthcare industry, which happens to be the same industry I’m involved with. The funny thing was that we were discussing how technology will shape the future of healthcare industry during the breakfast. And then, less than hour later we’re shown how analytics provided by the Microsoft Data Platform can analyze decoded human genome to provide list of possible health problems. How crazy is that?

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PASS Summit 2015: Pre-con sessions and welcoming party

First two days of PASS Summit 2015 are now almost over. I just got back to the hotel from the welcoming party and decided to write a quick summary of these days. The pre-con sessions I attended to were “The Complete Primer to SQL Server Virtualization” by David Klee, Argenis Fernandez and Jimmy May on day one and “The Enterprise Scripting Workshop” by Sean and Jennifer McCown on day two.

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Attending PASS Summit 2015


It has been awhile since my last post, not that I’ve run out of ideas or stopped blogging (in fact I got a bunch of drafts waiting to be finished) but I’ve had trouble finding time and energy to write outside working hours as of late. Part of the reason is that I’ve done plenty of writing at the office, turning our standard procedures and such into actual documents, so writing some more at home hasn’t felt all that tempting.

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End of PASS Summit 2014 summary.

The PASS Summit is now behind us and it was both an exciting and exhausting week of learning from some of the best and brightest people in the SQL Server community. Not only did I pick up a number of new skills that I know will make me a better DBA, I have number of new tools to add to my toolkit and some new practices that I’m going to look into implementing into our daily operations. It was also nice bonus to learn that many of the things I already have on my TODO list are similar to what others have successfully implemented on their own work and their environments. Obviously I’ve been on right track, if not always, at least most of the time 🙂

EMP Museum
Guitar Statue at the EMP Museum
Unfortunately the long days (I pretty much had sessions running from 8AM to 6PM almost every day) and the time difference to back home made me hit the sack rather early every evening. Because of this I missed some of the evening networking activities and the opportunities to better explore Seattle. The only official social event I did attend to was the Community Appreciation party held in the EMP Museum and even then our groups was back at the hotel by 10PM. That museum was awesome though, especially for a nerd like me! If you’re ever in Seattle, I encourage you to check it out.

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