SAN migration in Windows Failover Cluster

I recently did a migration from one SAN to another and decided to write a quick blog post about the procedure I used. In this particular case the difficult part was handled by the SAN administrator as we were moving from one manufacturer to another. He had the pleasure of trying to add disks from two different storage systems to two nodes, which required not a small amount of dismantling features such as MPIO. We did have some problems with disks showing up multiple times, but nothing we couldn’t work around with.

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Introduction to IPSEC with SQL Server.

A first post of 2014 and it sure took me awhile to write it up. I was hoping to return to this subject much sooner, however my work schedule has been just plain crazy. Just this week I’ve spent two nights migrating databases to new database clusters. The situation should fix itself in a couple of weeks though, with few bigger projects coming to completion.

But to return to the actual subject of securing SQL Server network traffic.. I previously wrote about using SSL for this purpose, a method that was quick and simple to implement. This was done in my Azure demo environment, which allowed me to take few shortcuts in the implementation. When dealing with production environments, you’ll naturally need to test, test and test it once more before actual implementation.

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PerfMon tips, tricks and a single annoying quirk

Figuring out possible causes for performance issues is one of the core skills for any DBA. There’s a whole bunch of tools for it, but this time I’ll be writing about one of my favorites. The Performance Monitor (PerfMon), which is included in every version and edition of Windows Servers and workstations. PerfMon and I go back a long way and we have had a most satisfying relationship so far. Naturally there have been some rocky spots over the years, but we have never drifted apart.

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Starting a blog.

As I moved from the famous “accidental” DBA role into being an actual DBA, it was quite a learning experience from the start and it is continuing to be so even this day. When I started my career, back in 1998, there were very few resouces other than actual books, about SQL Servers. Fortunately these days information is easier to find as there are numerous blogs, discussion boards, etc with exceptionally skilled SQL Server experts helping people out with their SQL Server issues.

However many of these sources have questions and answers that really go into deep technical details, which is great if that is what you’re looking for. There does seem to be a smaller number of blogs that are dedicated to people who are just starting out their DBA careers, and this is the audience I’m looking to share my own experiences with.

And with that, I’ll finish my first post.

Welcome to the SQLStarters blog!