Few thoughts on Windows Power Options

I ran into and old issue recently I hadn’t seen in a while. A database server was experiencing some intermittent performance issues that didn’t make much sense. It didn’t take me long to figure out what was going on though, after firing up the Resource Monitor.

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The fifth and final day in Charlotte

And so it is that PASS Summit 2013 has come to an end. And I have to say that for a first timer like me, it was truly an eye-opener to what SQL Server Community is all about. The quality of the sessions and the deep knowledge of SQL Server internals, virtualization and dozens of other subjects the speakers possessed was just astounding, but also expected.

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Days three and four in Charlotte

Last two days have been really hectic here at Charlotte. Most of the day have been spend there at the conference center and last night we went out with couple of other Finns to participate in a traditional Finnish Eve. On thursday there was the Community Appreciation Party held at the Nascar Hall of Fame.

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Second day in Charlotte

The second day in Charlotte at the PASS Summit 2013 has come to an end. I spend the whole day in a Failover Clustering pre-conference session held by Allan Hirt and it was both educating and exciting. I was pleased to realize that many of the things I have spoken in our company were also addressed and confirmed by Allan. He also reminded me of some the things I had forgotten and taught me quite a few new things as well.

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First day in Charlotte

First day in Charlotte started earlier than we had planned due the time difference. We also had some misfortune with us, as two from our group we delayed due mechanical failure on the plane that was supposed to bring them to Helsinki. We had no pre-con sessions for today so we had time to get to know the area around the Convention Center and the Uptown area. We did drop by the Convention Center to do our registration and to get our kit 🙂

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Attending PASS Summit 2013

I’ll hit the road and air (can you actually hit the air?) in a couple of days to start my journey towards Charlotte, North Carolina to attend the PASS Summit 2013. This will be my first time in the PASS main event of the year and I am quite excited that I got the company approval to go. I’ve previously attended one of the SQL Rally Nordic events, which was at Copenhagen last year, that was also a great experience and also one of the main reasons our company is now sending a group of five people to Charlotte.

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Using Dynamic Management Views and Fuctions.

In my previous post we took a quick look into one of the SQL Server features that I personally consider to be a great boon to any DBA, the Dynamic Management Views and Functions. Im going to show you through some basic examples on how you can use these views to get meaningful information out of your SQL Server instances.

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