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I like databases, I like the public cloud. I especially like databases in the public cloud. I’ve been working in IT industry for more than two decades, going from one role to another and always managing to find new ways to challenge myself to learn more and to be better. One thing that hasn’t really changed, there’s always been SQL Server and databases there.

These days I am working on a cloud-only environments, which has put the learning bar a little higher again. It’s not just about managing the data stores these days, but about the new paradigms around it. When you’re running your database workloads in the public cloud, you need to get your hands dirty with the migrations, automation, infrastructure-as-a-code and variety of cloud native services from security to monitoring.

Here at Nordcloud, I have helped in creation of managed services we offer and our customers on database modernization and migration projects. I am also responsible for leading our Database Reliability Engineering team. Building and leading a globally distributed team (my team has presence in 6 countries, and growing) of highly experienced database professionals has educational and rewarding.

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